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Because we care about the environment
One of the great strengths of our plastics company is the reconditioning of recycled material. By withdrawing approximately 500 tons of different plastics per year from circulation, greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving more than 22 million kilometres n a passenger car can be avoided. This material is crushed, melted down and reused on the market in a different form. Bottle cases and standard containers make up the largest proportion of recycled plastics. The Recyclat standard containers range is Stöckli's offering of products made from recycled plastics.
Apart from Stöckli's great contribution in terms of plastic recycling, small efforts made by every single employee also play a vital role in lightening the burden on the environment. As a sign of this commitment, some of our staff have for many years taken part in the «Bike to work» initiative, whereby they cycle to work for one month every year.

Study by a Masters student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology shows:
Stöckli's climate strategy a real Plus

Why are the results of the study particularly remarkable? Whilst other companies are obliged by the federal government to reduce their CO2 emissions, Stöckli voluntarily invests in climate protection. The fact that this commitment hits the mark in terms of customers' growing interest in sustainable products is an additional motivation for Stöckli. As yet, Stöckli mainly scores in two ways: Firstly, the company draws electricity from the region - and from its own hydro-electric power station. The second, increasingly important, point is the production of new plastic parts from recycled materials. The solution is not only recycling, but «Re-Recycling». More about this in the following section.

Re-Recycling for even more sustainability
With its «Re-Recycling» logo, Stöckli offers products with maximum sustainability. The special feature of these quality products is that their recycled materials can be recycled again, which is a big plus for the environment. The first products with the new «Re-Recycling» logo are a compost container and a watering can. More products will be released on an ongoing basis.


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