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A. & J. Stöckli AG, Netstal

Delicious food with the
«PROGRAM» steamer from Stöckli

Steamed delicacies
Steaming preserves the nutrients in food and is therefore more popular than ever. With this modern and gentle cooking method, vegetables, fish, meat and other foods retain their natural flavours, whilst vitamins, minerals and flavours are largely preserved. The food in the steamer trays is protected from the hot water in the oval base and gently cooked by the rising steam trapped inside the appliance. This cooking method ensures that the taste and appearance of food can be largely preserved.

The new Stöckli steamer also offers other benefits for a healthy diet.
It is ideal for gently warming meals, defrosting frozen food or blanching fruit and vegetables. The steam condensate, which is collected in the base of the appliance, is great for use in soups or sauces.

No time to cook? No problem simply pre-program your «menu» in the morning.


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